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    The best and the worst horror movies for 2018

    Although, movies from this genre rarely get to the theatheres in Bulgaria, they as popular as any other. Everyone has their prefferences for the sub-genres, but sometimes horrors, can be so well made, that they can even deserve an Oscar. In other cases, they are just made for money and the irony is that these are often the most successfull. Here I'll order the best and the wors for this year. I will stick only to those screened in Bulgaria. Of course I will add my thoughts in each one, because the critic and audience scores can be quite different. From the worst...

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    Six most anticipated movies for November on the big screen

    Every month we expect new releases from Hollywood. Whether or not they will participate in the Oscars, the strongest and most impactful movies are released at the end of the year. It's no brainer, why cinefiles are always broke around this time of the year. It's easy to guess which is the most anticipated movie for this month, with 95% participation rate, but I'll start from the least expected. Here it is: 6. The Grinch - Premiere for Bulgaria on 23'rd of November. Produced by Illumination studios, from which we received Despicable Me 1&2 and Minions, this animation will take us back to the villaige of Whoville and the Grinch, who stole Christmas. Over the years, we've seen several adaptations of that story, one of which...

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    Movie review - Bohemian Rhapsody or how emotional can be one biographical movie?

    The shortest answer to that question is VERY MUCH. After I was finally able to watch the movie, I can safely say it it one of the best for this year and maybe the best biographical one I've ever seen. Although there are several differences between the movie and the real life of Freddie, the movie runtime is still above 2 hours. I suppose, that if they decided to do everything by the book, we would've sat through the Lord of the rings trilogy. The movie opens with the band, entering the stadium of Wembley, which is one of their last live concerts, before the death of Freddie Mercury. In that concert, Queen manages to inspire over a billion people to sing along the lyrics of Bohemian Rhapsody...

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    Anime - Castlevania or can Americans make Animes?

    In this new category, I will talk about animes, who excel in some ways, above the others. In general, most people tink of the anime as some sort of children animation, but that is not entirely true. As all other arts, it has different divisions. People tend to link anime with children, because Pokemon, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh and others fall in the sub-genre Shonen, which target audiences are teen and pre-teen. However the next sub-genre is Seinen, which is targeted towards adults and include themes, such as love, relationships, drama, violence, bloodshed and others. That sub-genre includes Berserk, Elfen lied, Mirrai Nikki (My future...

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