Movie Review – Six most anticipated movies for November

Every month we expect new releases from Hollywood. Whether or not they will participate in the Oscars, the strongest and most impactful movies are released at the end of the year. It’s no brainer, why cinefiles are always broke around this time of the year. It’s easy to guess which is the most anticipated movie for this month, with 95% participation rate, but I’ll start from the least expected. Here it is:

6. The Grinch

Produced by Illumination studios, which gave us Despicable Me 1&2 and Minions, this animation will take us back to the village of Whoville and the Grinch, who stole Christmas. Over the years, we’ve seen several adaptations of that story, one of which involves the beloved Jim Carrey from the 2000-th. This is the second movie of Illumination, taking place in the Dr. Seuss universe, first being The Lorax. It has already premiered in USA, but was not very well received by the critics with 56% on RT. However the viewers think of it as quite fresh with 68%. One thing is sure thought, this will be a fun for the whole family.

5. Ralph Breaks the Internet

The second installment of Wreck-it Ralph most definitely belongs in this post, because having in mind the success of the first movie, we expect the second to be at least as good. The trailer is very interesting, representing the Internet through the eyes of our heroes. YouTube, Google, Instagram and many other social platforms will be introduces in the “background”. We also expect more information about the Disney streaming service, scheduled to be released next year. What will be the story however is not very clear. There is one good thing coming from this late premiere in Bulgaria and it is that we’ll have the chance to decide whether or not to watch the movie on the big screen, given the reviews that it will receive. I for once, greatly anticipate it.

4. Overlord

This war horror will pass under the radar in Bulgaria, the same way as Upgrade, for which I already made a review. The action takes place on the D-Day. Speculated to be part of the Clovierfield universe, it tells the story of a military squad and a mission, which takes a dark turn. It’s produced by J.J.Abrams and his Bad Robot Productions. Its premiere in USA, was on 9’th of November and from what I can see it seems promising. With an R-rate and scores of 80% for critics and 76% for audience, it might deliver. Since we will most likely won’t be able to watch it here, I can’t say much about it, except that it will include monsters. Once it arrives on an available platform I’ll definitely watch it. I believe that war movie fans and horror movie fans will anticipate it as well.

3. Bohemian Rhapsody

What more can I say about this movie. As I did a deep review on it, every extra word will be, well extra. Brilliant movie, which threw the audience in to the rock, literally with 93% on RT. More on it, in the link above.

2. Creed II

The sequel of the sequel of Rocky. How does that sound? Creed II will present the next chapter in the story of Apollo Cree’ds son Adonis Creed, trained from the legendary Rocky himself. It sounds quite confusing and it really might be. Adonis will finally have the chance to avenge his father’s death, by fighting his killer’s son. Ivan Drago (Dolf Lundgren) returns and his son seems to be as fierce as he was. I don’t really know what we can expect from this sports drama, but I hope that Michael B. Jordans will extend beyond the “angry kid, who can fights”. We shall see.

1. Fantastic Beasts: The crimes of Grindelwald

Absolutely no surprise here. Although the first reviews are not very good (57% on RT), the audience anticipates this movie greatly. Acknowledging the fact, that the Harry Potter universe is being widely screeched, opening plot holes that might never be filled, nobody seems to care about that. This franchise starts to plant foundations that might exceed the ones of its predecessor, considering that there are more movies planned down the road. Without doubt, the fans of “The boy who lived” will line up to watch it. From this movie we expect to develop the story of the dark wizard Grindewald, who despises the muggles and is an adversary of Dumbledore (sounds familiar, doesn’t it). I hope that they will give a new identity to this antagonist, because we don’t need a second Voldemort or technically a first one, as the story takes place before HP. The next week is shaping to be very strong for theaters, considering the magnitude of this movie. We also expect to see a familiar face, which participated in the original movies and for some reason can’t be born yet, according to fans. I hope that this pothole won’t sink the Potterverse. However its time for popcorns and coke, because Newt Scamander is back, and so is Albus Dumbledore.