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TV Series Review – Game of Thrones S8E3

Yesterday morning, the most anticipated episode of the GoT saga, the battle between the living and the dead, dropped. In general, all seasons up till now led to this major event, which unfortunately not everybody enjoyed. It is right to say that, in this article, there will be SPOILERS!

So, eight seasons have brought us here. The epic battle between the living and the dead. This fantasy representation of zombies, was done better than most horror flicks. That’s why I asked myself a few questions.


1. Was Jon’s battle tactic the right one?


In general, he didn’t have much of a choice. As the show made the image of Night King and his army as almost invincible, there was no easy way to defeat him. His white walkers seemed to have no end and the problem was that everyone killed rose up again to fill up the army. So what can be done in such situation? 


Most defending battle tactics rely on the fortress. Waiting for the enemy to approach, rain it with arrows, and finish off those who reach the walls in close combat. But is this applicable when the opposing army does not feel pain, fear, and is seemingly infinite? What would you do if your castle were flooded with corpses that did not stop at anything? I would personally try to lighten their ranks before they reached the walls, but nevertheless, Jon underestimated the number of the undead army. Using the dothraki, which as the cavalry are the best in attack and don’t do well as protection, he wanted to do just that, but alas their flame quenched quite quickly.


A lot of people have condemned this tactic, but considering how the sea of zombies overwhelms every defense, it doubts me that if he spared them to defend, they would have achieved something more. The whole idea was to entice the Night King through Bran and kill him there. I would say that Jon did what he could, with the army he had. The question is what’s left of it to face Cersei.


2. Was the death of the Night King, underwhelming?


In short, yes. No matter how badass the moment, it somehow felt flat, considering the build-up that we got throughout these 8 seasons. We could not see his lieutenants in fights with the main characters, which would have been pretty good. At least the air battle between the dragons to some extent compensated. But here is the proof that the screenwriters can not easily kill a villain built as virtually immortal.


3. Did Arya deservers the MVP award?


With both hands, YES! Since returning to Westeros, she has been built as the biggest badass and rightfully. While in the eyes of the other heroes we read despair, which is understandable, when you see the people with whom you just fought besides, rise up and join in the army of the undead, she just mowed through zombies. I have a couple of remarks about how the Night King was killed, but it was basically the perfect ex Machina.


I see three ways in which this battle could be played, considering the chronology of events.


– Cersei, Jon and Daenerys to join forces against the undead, which leads to the question: Who will sit on the Iron Throne after that?


– Jon and Daenerys to fight Cersei first and then the undead. However in this scenario, the edge that they had, would’ve most likely vanish, considering the force that the undead army is. The Night King would’ve just pass through them.


– Jon and Daenerys to fight the undead first and then Cersei (which is what they chose)


The first and third options were the most likely to be presented. However the third one is out of character for Cersei, as don’t forget that she is a person who would do anything to keep the throne.


In conclusion, the episode was brilliant. Cinematography, acting, effects, all was on Hollywood blockbuster level. Now the question remaining is, what will happen with the survivors. Will they have enough people to fight against Cersei or again Arya will have to intervene (most likely). 

With three episodes left to go, we all tremble on the outcome. Valar Morgulis! And here is the promo for epizode 4: