Movie Review – Six most anticipated movies in December

Entering the month of December, the festive mood is filling us like an overstuffed turkey. And here are the most anticipated movies for this month, sneaking from behind the corner. Some of them make the comic book fans, scream like little girls from excitement. Who are they, you can find in this list:

6. Mortal Engines – premieres on 14’th of December in USA

The latest project of Peter Jackson, adapted from a book. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Truth be told, this steempunk saga doesn’t look half bad. The story takes place in a dystopian future, ruled by moving cities, who “eat” each other in order to sustain themselves and their population. No, they’re not alive, just giant machines, operated by people. London is one of these cities and the main antagonist, as far as we can see. He’s so big and mechanized, that it’s destruction is immanent. That is why, every source of energy is important. What to expect from the movie, is yet to be seen. I for one, hope that this is not one of the generic teen fantasy, in this case steempunk, cliche stories, that we got from Twilight and Divergents. However, considering how much Jackson loves to stretch the story, let’s pray that he won’t repeat the mistakes from The Hobbit.

5. Robin Hood – premieres on 21’st of November in USA

Another adaptation of the Robin Hood story. Why I mention it here, if it’s released in November? Because in Bulgaria, it premieres this month. I can’t even count how many adaptations we received in the last 20 or so years. However I can understand, why Hollywood wants to capitalize from this story, beloved by all ages. After he ended his story in Kingsman, Taron Egerton took the mantle of the beloved bandit in this adaptation. His support will come in the face of Jamie Fox, who will play Little John. An african-european character in medieval Europe. The only issue here is the late release of the trailer, which considering the little commercial, might lead to the downfall of this movie. So far, the box office has been more than weak. However, I believe that it can be redeemed, considering the charismatic power of Taron and Jamie. Men, hide your ladies.

4. Bumblebee – premieres on 21’st of December

This spin-off of Transformers, will follow the solo adventures, of the one and only beloved hero from the franchise – Bumblebee. You must remember the yellow Camaro transformer, guardian of Sam Witwicki. After the last instalment of the franchise, became a commercial hit, while at the same time it sank in domestic box office, it seems that the producers decided to change things. Enough of Optimus Prime’s monologues, at least for now. The director is surprisingly, not Michael Bay, however he’s still producer. But I have a small hope, that this change will turn things up for the franchise and reduce the issues that haunt it. When the first instalment was anounced, we all thought that there is now way to screw up a movie, including giant robots fighting. How wrong were we. Although, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Hopes are that this movie will wash away the nasty taste, left by its predecessors.

3. Mery Poppins Returnes – premieres on 19’th of December in USA

Who remembers the nanny with supernatural powers, moving around London with an umbrella? Only those, who watched either the original from 1964 or the Broadway musical from 2004. For those, who aren’t familiar, here’s a quick resume. The character of Mary Poppins, first appeared in series of books, published between 1934 and 1988. They tell the story of the Banks family members and their strange encounters with the nanny. Described as strict, but fair, Mary also doesn’t shy away from kindness and compassion, when needed. In ’96, Disney buys the movie rights and creates the all time classic Mary Poppins. In 2004, they produce a Broadway musical, which turns into a major hit. And here’s the sequel, if we can count is one. Here the Banks children are grown up and the story will develop around their own children. Truth be told, this one should be a major fun for the family and make some very good educational points at the same time. As Emily Blunt in the lead role, we can’t expect nothing but brilliance.

2. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse – premieres on 14’th of December in USA

“Spider-Pig, Spider-Pig, does whatever a Spider-Pig does…”. This catch phrase from the Simpsons Movie, will always remain in history as the one that brew to life an actual Spider-Pig within the Spider-Verse. In this animation we’ll follow on different version of the crawler, from different universes and their interactions. In the main one, we recognize Peter Parker and in another, that is Miles Morales. In a third one, we see Gwen Stacy as the crawler in a universe, where she couldn’t save Peter, which is the opposite of what happened in the main one. The possibilities are limitless. We have a steampunk version, a futuristic version, an animal version and the list goes on. The original source is a comic, from 2014’th, in which the versions of the crawler are hunted down and killed by Marlon and his family, who feed on Spider-Man’s life force. Will we see them as antagonists here, is not yet certain. The only certain one is that we’ll follow the story of Miles Morales as he grows as Spider-Man, by meeting all of the other versions. I have big expectations for this one.

1. Aquaman – premieres on 28’th of December in USA

After the dissapointment that was Justice League, DC and WB, canceled all future projects, except two – Wonder Woman and Aquaman (Shazam is still to be placed in the DCEU). The first one, because it was the only commercial hit of the franchise, and the latter because it’s the studio’s hope for reviving that universe. The first critic reviews are out and they place Aquaman little above Wonder Woman in terms of quality, which give the fans, hope. Even though, the first trailer was full of CGI, which was pretty bad quality, the latest seems to have fixed that and looks way better. Also the charisma of Jason Momoa is just thrilling and will surely bring people to the screens. However, will this movie really revive DCEU, afteer JL pinned the last nail in its coffin is yet to be seen. I expect as much from it, as I do from Spider-Man. Fingers crossed, that it will take that universe in the right direction. We’ll soon find out.